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Response to COVID-19:

The rise of COVID-19 across the United States has led to increased demand for a variety of products.
In response to COVID-19 pandemic and to support the Federal and the State governments: and our communities, we are supplying COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) and other equipment.

We are collaborating closely with the federal government and other healthcare stakeholders to get more critical PPE to the United States.

At Cetrix, we also ramp up production of our UV disinfection cabinets to combat COVID-19.


About Cetrix Technologies LLC:

Cetrix Technologies LLC is a government contractor. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of mobile computing devices and integrated mobile technologies for vertical markets, including education, healthcare, public safety and energy with a customer base that spans across four continents.

Our product portfolio includes Disinfection Cabinets & Chargers, custom built tablets, laptops, smartphones, interactive displays, and accessories.

We also provide custom design and manufacturing of special-purpose devices for industrial and scientific applications.

Our products and services are distinguished by quality, affordability, and extensive customization and support services.

Our software department is also providing professional services for digital transformation and business automated services.

For more information, please contact us:

Cetrix Technologies LLC
8 The Green, Suite 5945,
Dover, DE 19901, USA
302 480 9399

DUNS: 080777541
EIN: 36-4811309
Cage Code: 7WRE1