Nitrile Extra Strength - BluZen Gloves

Nitrile Extra Strength - BluZen Gloves
Nitrile Extra Strength - BluZen Gloves
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The Nitrile Extra Strength BluZen Gloves are designed for professionals who demand the utmost in durability and protection. Building on the foundation of our standard BluZen Nitrile Exam Gloves, the Extra Strength variant offers enhanced resilience for high-stakes environments where risks are higher and the need for protection is paramount. Available in the signature black and blue color options, these gloves combine functionality with a modern aesthetic.


  • Enhanced Nitrile Formula: The Nitrile Extra Strength BluZen Gloves are made from an advanced nitrile compound that provides increased tear and puncture resistance, ideal for demanding tasks and prolonged use.
  • Full Range of Sizes: With sizes ranging from S to XXL, these gloves are designed to fit a variety of hand sizes, providing comprehensive protection from fingertips to wrists for all professionals.
  • Latex-Free and Powder-Free: Prioritizing user comfort and safety, these gloves are completely free from latex and powder, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions and ensuring a comfortable wear for extended periods.
  • Single-Use Design for Maximum Hygiene: Intended for single use, the Nitrile Extra Strength Gloves offer a clean, hygienic solution for tasks in medical, food service, industrial, and mechanical applications.
  • Easy Wearability: Equipped with a pull-on closure for quick and easy application, these gloves allow for swift changes between tasks, enhancing efficiency without sacrificing protection.

Optimized for Rigorous Applications:

  • Healthcare: Engineered to withstand the rigors of medical examinations, procedures, and emergency situations, providing a reliable barrier against contaminants and pathogens.
  • Culinary Professionals: From high-volume kitchens to outdoor BBQs, these gloves offer enhanced protection against heat, sharp objects, and contamination, ensuring food safety.
  • Industrial and Mechanical Fields: With superior resistance to chemicals and abrasions, these gloves are the go-to choice for mechanics, engineers, and industrial workers facing tough conditions.
  • Robust Protection for Everyday Use: Beyond professional settings, the Nitrile Extra Strength BluZen Gloves are also suited for heavy-duty home cleaning, gardening, and DIY projects, where extra protection is needed.

Elevate your professional and personal safety gear with the Nitrile Extra Strength BluZen Gloves. They stand as the epitome of strength, comfort, and dexterity, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to tackle the toughest jobs with confidence. Trust BluZen for unmatched protection where it matters most.