Vinyl Exam Gloves - BluZen

Vinyl Exam Gloves - BluZen
Vinyl Exam Gloves - BluZen
Vinyl Exam Gloves - BluZen
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Optimal Protection with Unmatched Flexibility

BluZen Vinyl Exam Gloves set a new benchmark in protective handwear, offering an ideal solution for professionals seeking a balance between protection, comfort, and flexibility. Crafted from premium quality vinyl, these gloves are a testament to BluZen's dedication to excellence in safety standards. They represent a superior alternative for those requiring reliable hand protection without the use of natural latex.


  • Premium Vinyl Construction: Made from high-grade synthetic vinyl, BluZen's gloves offer a durable and flexible option for various applications, providing a safe alternative for individuals sensitive to latex.
  • Optimal Thickness for Durability: Designed with a perfect balance of thickness at 6.3 mil, these gloves ensure durability and tear resistance, allowing users to undertake both precise and demanding tasks with confidence.
  • Powder-Free for Enhanced Safety: Ensuring a clean and safe environment, our vinyl gloves are powder-free, reducing the risk of contamination and allergic reactions for both the wearer and those in their care.
  • Excellent Fit and Comfort: Engineered to offer a snug fit, BluZen Vinyl Gloves are highly elastic, conforming to your hands for superior comfort and tactile sensitivity during extended periods of wear.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a multitude of industries, including healthcare, janitorial services, food processing, and beauty/salon applications, these gloves provide versatile protection that meets the demands of any professional setting.


BluZen Vinyl Exam Gloves are expertly crafted from synthetic vinyl, providing a robust and flexible barrier against contaminants and pathogens. The gloves' 6.3 mil thickness is meticulously calibrated to offer both protection and dexterity, ensuring users can perform tasks with precision and ease. The powder-free design emphasizes hygiene and safety, making these gloves suitable for sensitive environments. With their exceptional fit and comfort, BluZen Vinyl Gloves are the smart choice for professionals seeking dependable hand protection.


These gloves are tailored for a wide range of applications, from medical examinations to food handling, cleaning, and beauty services, offering a reliable solution for daily protective needs.


Crafted in a clean, professional appearance, BluZen Vinyl Gloves maintain a neutral color scheme suitable for various professional environments.

Allergy Information:

Free from natural latex, these gloves are an excellent choice for users with latex allergies, providing a safe and comfortable option for all-day use.


Available in convenient packaging of 100 gloves per box, BluZen ensures you have a ready supply for your protective needs.

Choose BluZen Vinyl Exam Gloves for unparalleled protection, flexibility, and comfort. Designed with the user's safety and convenience in mind, these gloves are your go-to option for reliable, hypoallergenic hand protection in any professional setting.