• Collection of Disinfection Charging Cabinet

    Are you looking for some disinfection charging cabinet? Are you tired of searching the same? Now your search is over, come and have the look of various disinfection charging cabinet. All in one roof is possible now for you with our charging cart
  • UV Sanitizing Cabinet

    Do you want to protect yourselves from germs and infection? So for you, we have introduced a UV sanitizing cabinet which will keep you safe from bacteria’s in just 5 minutes. UV Disinfection Cabinet is a cleansing process that performs ultraviolet (UV) light at an adequately short wavelength to kill bacteria. It comes in various forms of applications, such as foodstuff, air and water cleansing.
  • Importance of UV Disinfection Cabinets

    Ultraviolet Disinfection technology is the most effective and widely used method to remove bacteria, germs, microbes, and viruses. This technique is efficient enough to kill germs by utilizing the device named UV disinfection cabinet which is simple and easy to use. Many organizations or companies can use this germ-free or sterile device to keep their workplaces and employees safe from these bacteria and microorganisms. 
  • What is UV disinfection? Is UV sterilization effective for Viruses?

    UV light (ultraviolet) is a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelength ranging from 10nm to 400nm. Uv wavelength is shorter than the wavelength of visible light but longer than the wavelength of X-rays.  As early as the mid-20th century people have used ultraviolet light for disinfection of water, fruits, air, vegetables, surgical utensils, tablets & computers, and a variety of surfaces.