N95 Masks and KN95 Masks Protection

How well do N95 and KN95 masks protect against COVID-19?

Face masks are still in use two years after the epidemic began, which most of us could not have predicted in February 2020. Nowadays, wearing a high-quality face mask is more critical than ever to restrict the spread of COVID-19 variants. Even if you've had your vaccine, medical professionals recommend wearing a face mask to avoid the transmission of COVID-19,...
by Sandeep Sohion January 21, 2022
FlowFlexCovid19 Rapid AntigenTest

The Best Antigen Rapid Tests on the Market

The FDA recently approved an Emergency Authorization for ACON Laboratories' FlowFlex COVID Home Test. This is an over-the-counter COVID antigen test and is added to the approved list of tests that can be done at home. This action underscores the ongoing commitment to increase the availability of reasonably accurate and reliable over-the-counter testing to meet public health needs and improve...
by Mike Rossoon January 03, 2022
holiday with omicron variant

Holidays and dealing with the Omicron variant

Despite the widespread belief that the pandemic is over, it hasn't. We still need to be aware and not panic. The below article covers all the required measures you can take to avoid it.  Scientists still want to know more about the severity of Omicron, but they are already convinced of two things. It is highly contagious and causes far...
by Mike Rossoon December 24, 2021
Improving Indoor Air Quality 2021-22

Improving Indoor Air Quality 2021-22

The term "indoor air quality" alludes to the air quality in a house, school, workplace, or other building setting. And as Indoor air quality (IAQ) is gaining center stage for building owners and facilities managers as they prepare for safe workplace reopening in 2021, it needs to be given a thought as airborne disease transmission can be reduced with IAQ technologies. ...
by Mike Rossoon November 17, 2021
Air Purifier vs. Air Conditioner; Which one is better for purifying the air?

Air Purifier vs. Air Conditioner; Which one is better for purifying the air?

There are many myths and confusions surrounding the functions and intermingling usage of Air Purifiers and Air Conditioners. So, this article does the work of debunking some myths and clarifying the use of both in order to make it easy for consumers to make a better choice that fits their needs. Air purifier vs. Air Conditioner  Many people have misconceptions...
by Mike Rossoon November 09, 2021
. According to nursing studies, installing an air purifier may significantly impact overall health and happiness. Air purifiers serve a vital function in avoiding heart disease and assisting children.

Air Purifiers - Why Are They Essential in Today's Times?

Air, like food and water, is essential for survival. Even when we are all aware of air pollution outside, is it possible that the air in your house is also dangerous? Unexpectedly, yes!   In fact, health is an integral part of our existence, and it is challenging to accomplish anything if you don't have good health. According to nursing...
by Mike Rossoon October 21, 2021