About Us

At Cetrix, we are committed to our steadfast goal of supplying certified PPE to schools, businesses, and government agencies. While the rapid manufacturing and distribution of vaccines has spurred hope that the end of this pandemic is in sight, now is not the time to let down our collective guard.

Maintaining proper safety protocols, such as social distancing and wearing masks, will be essential in driving down the infection rate even further. With this in mind, Cetrix will continue to offer the highest quality masks, gloves, face shields, and other products that have been proven to slow the spread of this virus.

As such is the case with many companies, the pandemic has changed our business model. We have moved from manufacturing and designing mobile computing devices and integrated mobile technologies for vertical markets, to offering high quality PPE and ramping up production of UV disinfectant cabinets.


    What makes us unique

    Given the rapid demand for medical products and PPE throughout the pandemic, there have been many reports of counterfeit and ineffective products for sale. Here at Cetrix, each product we offer has received numerous safety certifications and has been certified by one or more of the official certification bodies, including the FDA, CDC, CE, ASTM and ANSI. Our products are ethically manufactured, and our manufacturers adhere to strict safety compliance rules to ensure the fair treatment of workers.


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