Disinfection Cabinet

With removable shelf separators for larger objects

Multi-Purpose UV-C Disinfection Cabinets

Disinfection & Charging Health & Safety against other Infections and Contaminations

Disinfects surface of various objects:
  • Laptops & Tablets
  • Smart phones
  • Keyboards
  • Pagers and Radios
  • Safety Equipment
  • Lab Equipment & Utensils
  • Office Supplies
  • Badges, Credit Cards, Envelopes
  • Tools & Equipment
  • and etc.



Disinfection: A UV Disinfection System inside the cabinet removes germs and bacteria from the outer cover of the devices while they are being charged.


Efficient UV-C: ChargeMax’s UV-C lights efficiently disable and kill any bacteria or viruses on the surface of devices and objects placed inside its compartments.


Charging System: USB (BU-series) with regulated and protected power circuit and an LED charging indicator. Charging with device adapters (PU-series) is also available.


Safety: UV-C light safety On/Off switch and filtering transparent front door provide maximum safety against ultraviolet radiation.


Automatic Shut Down: A Smart Switch automatically shuts down the AC power source when charging of devices is complete.


Programmable Timer:: The four-function timers allows for setting the start, stop and duration time for disinfection and charging.


Security: The cabinet is secured with a sturdy Push-to-Close lock on the front door and triangular lock on the side door, both with keys. The interlocked door prevents UV-C light emission when the door is opened.


Capacity: ChargeMax comes in different capacities for charging and disinfecting 10 to 65 Devices.


Design:The cabinet is designed to be safe and durable, with transparent door for monitoring, and four sturdy wheels with front brakes for easy moving and parking.


Customization: ChargeMax is highly customizable with many options available to suite the specific requirements of every customer.

Safe and healthy environments where people work and live together are essential for a higher quality of life and sustainable operation in schools, universities, hospitals and clinics, office workspaces, factories, public buildings, etc. By providing secure, efficient, simple and affordable disinfection and device charging equipment, Cetrix ChargeMax helps organizations and institutions of all types to maintain a healthy working environment for individuals, while keeping their devices secure and charged and ready for used at all time

UV-C Safety Switch

Ultra Violet C lights inside the cart disinfect the device cases while the devices are being charged. They emit 254nm UV light disables and kills any kind of bacteria and virus by damaging the viral DNA or RNA so that the virus cannot reproduce. Unlike chemical disinfectants, UV-C leaves no, needs no maintenance and is clean and cost effective. For disinfecting objects of different shapes and sizes, compartment dividers can be conveniently removed..

Convenient Charging

Advanced design allows ChargeMax to charge the devices without their adapters. Device power charging cables are connected to converted USB power outputs providing power to the devices. Charging is controlled by a Smart system that disconnects the power to any of the devices after it is fully charged. Models with option to use device’s own adapter are available.

Digital Control Panel & Timer

The charging and disinfection operation in ChargeMax are controlled by a programmable control panel. The digital timer controls charging and disinfection time and sequence. Users can set the duration of charging, and start/stop the charging and disinfection sessions. A button enables the users to start the UV-C disinfection session independent from the charging system.

Safe & Friendly Design

ChargeMax is equipped with a safety switch that turns off the UV-C light when the cabinet’s front door is opened. Direct exposure of human eye to the UV-C light can damage the superficial tissues, and this disconnect switch protects the user from accidental exposure when the cabinet door is opened.

Filtering Transparent Door

ChargeMax comes with a standard transparent front door that enables the users to monitor the state of charging of the devices and the objects inside the cabinet. The acrylic part of the door observes all of the light irradiated by the UV-C lamps, making it totally safe to look through during while the disinfection system is active.

Power & Heat Protection

ChargeMax’s main power input is surge protected offering a linear output thus ensuring regulated power reaches the converter circuits. The cabinet is equipped with a Smart Fan that turns on and off automatically keeping the temperature of the cabinet within the safety range.

UV-C Disinfection System

The cabinet is designed with round corners to make it safe for usage in hospitals, classrooms and different work environments. ChargeMax has four sturdy wheels with breaks on the front wheels for easy moving and parking. Door switch to turn off the UV-C light while opened.

Quality Workmanship

The cabinet is made of cold-rolled stainless steel with special coating for protection against various environmental conditions. All parts, joints, welds, and hinges are carefully placed and done with particular attention to details to achieve maximum strength and visual aesthetics.


The cabinet is secured with a convenient, sturdy Push-to-Close lock on the front door and triangular lock on the side or back door, both with keys. The whole system is completely enclosed in a steel shell, with no openings except the locked doors. An interlocked door system ensures all UV-C lamps are turned off when the door is opened.

ChargeMax comes in two series that differ in their power system. The BU series provides power to mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) through a multi-layer regulated power system with a USB interface, therefore there is no need to use the devices own adapter to charge it. The BP system, which is built for laptops and Chromebooks utilize the devices own adapter, installed on the back of ChargeMax for charging. The power supplied by ChargeMax to the adapters passes through a safety system to ensure constant power supply to the laptops.

Differences between BU and BP Series


BU Series

BP Series

Device Power Source

ChargeMax regulated power

ChargeMax using laptop’s factory adapter

Output Power and Interface

5V / 2A ; USB

110-220V / 50-60 Hz ; 3-Prong Outlet Plug

Devices (Charging and Disinfection)

Tablets and Smartphones

Laptops and Chromebooks

Other Objects (Disinfection)

Computer Peripherals, Pagers and Radios, Safety Equipment, Lab Equipment & Utensils, Office Supplies, Badges, Credit Cards, Envelopes, Tools & Equipment

Front Door Type

Single Transparent Door

Double Transparent Door

Utility Door

On the side for access to the electrical system and the cooling fan

On the back for installing device adapters, access to main switch and the cooling fan

Standard Capacities (no. of devices)

10, 30, 40, 52, 60, 65

10, 30, 40

Customization Options

Door type (metal, acrylic, or tempered glass), wheel size, compartment height, additional cooling fan, additional push handle, color, labels and emblems t

BU Series Models
CT-xxBU - Tablet, Smartphone (USB)

Model Levels Bays Cabinet Dimensions Net Weight Shipping Weight
(in) (cm) (lbs) (kg) (lbs) (kg)
CT-10BU 1 10 20x13.4x12.6 51x34x32 35 16 44 20
CT-30BU 3 30 22x14.5x37.4 56x37x95 97 44 116 53
CT-40BU 4 40 22x15.7x47.2 56x40x120 121 55 147 67
CT-52BU 4 52 25.5x14.5x47.2 65x37x120 132 60 154 70
CT-60BU 5 60 25.5x14.5x57 65x37x145 161 73 167 76
CT-65BU 5 65 25.5x14.5x57 65x37x145 163 74 169 77

BP Series Models
CT-xxBP - Laptop (110-220V Outlet Plug)

Model Levels Bays Cabinet Dimensions Net Weight Shipping Weight
(in) (cm) (lbs) (kg) (lbs) (kg)
CT-30BU 3 30 22x14.5x37.4 56x37x95 97 44 116 53
CT-40BU 4 40 22x15.7x47.2 56x40x120 121 55 147 67
CT-52BU 4 52 25.5x14.5x47.2 65x37x120 132 60 154 70