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UV Disinfection is enough

by Dennis Benson on October 02, 2020

Is the best UV Disinfection enough for all bacteria and viruses?

We all know what situation the world is facing nowadays. Now, the risk of bacterial and viral infections is very high. So have you disinfected all your properties? Not yet? Check out why is it so essential to do so? For this, it is always suggested by doctors and specialists to take precautions and take proper care to avoid falling sick because of these infections. So if you wish to be safe and keep your family protected from the common cold, viral infections, and swine flu, you need UV Sterilizer Disinfection for yourself.

Yes, you read it correctly, UV light disinfection is not like a chemical as UV light offers fast and perfect inactivation of microorganisms via the physical procedure. When viruses, protozoa, and bacteria are open to the germicidal wavelengths of UV lights, they are not able to reproduce or infect.


But exactly what is Ultraviolet light?

UV light is the light range which is invisible to humans and covers the part of the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X-rays. The sun is the source that emits UV rays, but most of it is absorbed by the ozone layers of the earth.

UV light is unique for its specific wavelengths range which is between 200 to 300 nanometers that are known as germicidal. They can inactivate microorganisms like viruses, protozoa, and bacteria. It can spread UV light adoption as it is eco-friendly, free of chemicals, and a very effective way to protect and disinfect water, household things, and many others from harmful microorganisms.


Now the question strikes out in our mind - “In this pandemic covid-19 situation, do UV Sterilizer Disinfection actually works against viruses and bacteria? Does it really kill them? Do they disinfect laptop, mobile, eatables, etc. also?”


How does UV Sterilizer Disinfection work?

UV rays can penetrate the pathogen's cells by damaging the DNA and RNA that have their genetic code. There is also proof where Ultraviolet rays can destroy the proteins and amino acids which keeps you safe from viruses and enable it to infect the host cell.

So, yes, this UVC is said to be more effective than just chemical disinfecting solutions. How?

  • Chemicals have residual effects that UVC doesn't have.
  • Chemicals are not able to disinfect many things such as eatables, personal things, such as to disinfect laptop, mobile, computers, masks, etc. just like Best UV Disinfection.


When and where is this UV Disinfection used?

UV light has been used for disinfection and sterilization since the mid 20th century with development in technology. It is also useful to disinfect laptop, cabinets, masks, personnel things, eatables, medical tablets, different surfaces, and so on.

  • It is useful for UV Sterilizer Disinfection Cabinet
  • UVC is helpful to Disinfect laptops, computers, smartphones, watches, and other electronics.
  • This is useful for disinfecting masks, and so UVC N95 mask is known as FDA Certified Child Mask for School.
  • Also, used to disinfect the house, office, and personnel things and make you free from bacteria and viruses.