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PPE and the COVID-19 Vaccine

by Alex Gurevich on December 22, 2020

After almost a year of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, hope is finally on the horizon. There have now been two COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in the United States, and doses have already begun being distributed. But we are certainly not out of the woods just yet and will continue to have to protect ourselves for at least several months into the new year. So, what exactly does the COVID vaccine mean for our need for PPE? Read on to learn more.

About the Vaccine

The United States has officially approved two different vaccines against COVID-19: one produced by Pfizer-BioNTech, and one produced by Moderna. The vaccines fight the same virus but are actually quite a bit different. The first vaccine has to be stored in special freezers to ensure its freshness and effectiveness, and it has to be administered in two doses a few weeks apart. The second vaccine, though, doesn’t require as strict refrigeration and can be administered in just one dose.

Across the country (and in other areas like the United Kingdom), many people are already being vaccinated. Most of those who have already received their vaccine (or first dose) as of December 2020 are healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic as well as those living in long-term care facilities. After these individuals have received their vaccines, the priority will go to other frontline essential workers and those ages 75 and up. From there, vaccines will be distributed according to a set priority schedule determined by the CDC.

What About PPE?

We’re all breathing a huge sigh of relief at the prospect of having a COVID-19 vaccine. But, as with any vaccine, we simply will not see results overnight. One of the available vaccines has to be administered in two doses, which means it is just not effective until both doses have been given. Even then, it takes a while for the vaccine to work its way through the body and show the cells how to fight off the potential threat of coronavirus.

As such, it’s incredibly important that we continue to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with the same seriousness we’ve been taking throughout the pandemic thus far. That means utilizing face masks and shields when we’re around others, providing hand sanitizer to our workers, and enforcing temperature checks in high-traffic areas like offices. Social distancing should still be encouraged as well.

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