Wall-Mounted Air Purifier Deals

Purely Mounted: Your Ultimate Guide to Cetrix's Best Wall-Mounted Air Purifier Deals

by Seo Coder on January 17, 2024

With the growing world, infections and diseases are also spreading, and what could be a greater example than COVID-19? The impact of this virus is so impactful that taking major precautions is what can help us stay prepared for what’s coming next. The start should be a wall-mounted air purifier. So, in this blog, we focus on Cetrix's best wall-mounted air purifier deals, specifically highlighting the Medify Air Purifier MA-35. Also, we will explore the benefits and importance of air purification in crowded places.

Join us as we delve into the world of air purifiers and discover why the Medify Air Purifier by Cetrix is the ideal choice for your air purification needs.

What is the need for an Air Purifier?

The term Air purifier is simple - a tool that purifies air in the surroundings, but the question arises: why is it needed? As pollutants and allergens are always in the air, more air purifiers have become increasingly essential due to the rising concerns of viruses and infections caused by the air quality. So, people are now seeking effective ways to improve the air they breathe. An air purifier acts as a powerful filtration system, removing harmful particles and pollutants from the air and ensuring cleaner and healthier indoor environments. 

Air Purifier

The Benefits of Wall-Mounted Air Purifier

Wall-mounted air purifiers offer a range of advantages over traditional standalone units. These benefits include:

  • Space-saving design: when it comes to purifying the environment yet occupying less space, the Medify Air Purifier MA-35 and other wall-mounted air purifiers are made with space conservation in mind. They are simple to place on walls, giving your room's floor area more useful space.
  • Improved air circulation: The next up is selecting the right space for your purifier to disperse the purification process. By placing wall-mounted air purifiers at a higher height, they can provide improved coverage and circulation of air. For optimal effectiveness, the high positioning makes sure that the cleaned air reaches every area of the space.
  • Sleek and contemporary: Cetrix offers wall-mounted air purifiers with contemporary designs, such as the one we have been discussing - the Medify Air Purifier MA-35. This purifier provides a touch of elegance and efficiently purifies the air, blending perfectly with any type of design.

Wall-Mounted Air Purifier

How Important is Air Purification in Crowded Places?

In the chaos of congested areas, you might know how risky it is, as you can easily catch any viral infection because the more crowded the area is, the more changes in pollution concentration are higher. That is where air filtration comes into play. The advantages of air filtration in busy areas are evident, regardless of the type of building—office, school, or residential. In these kinds of settings, air filtration is crucial for the following reasons:

  • Better respiratory health: Airborne contaminants, allergens, and microorganisms are frequently more concentrated in crowded areas. You may drastically lower the likelihood that tenants will experience allergies and respiratory problems by installing wall-mounted air purifiers.
  • Increased productivity: Clear, fresh air helps people focus and work more efficiently. Air purifiers make the environment healthier and more hospitable by getting rid of airborne pollutants, which helps people operate at their best.
  • Odour removal: the best is that it not only extracts the fresh air but also removes odour as a number of things might contribute to disagreeable odours in crowded areas. Odours are successfully eliminated by wall-mounted air purifiers with active carbon composite filters, such as the Medify Air Purifier MA-35, leaving the air clean and fresh.

Why Choose Medify Air Purifier by Cetrix?

The Medify Air Purifier MA-35, offered by Cetrix, is a top-notch wall-mounted air purifier that combines style, technology, and power. Here are some key features of the Medify Air Purifier MA-35:

  1. Sleek and contemporary design: The wall-mounted Medify Air Purifier MA-35 is an aesthetically pleasing piece that complements any decor style. It elevates your environment and comes in Silver, White, and Black.
  2. Effective filtration: The Medify Air Purifier MA-35 eliminates 99.9% of pollutants as small as 0.1 microns thanks to its three-layered H13 HEPA filter. It effectively removes dust, pet dander, allergies, and other dangerous pollutants from the air to guarantee that it is clean and healthy.
  3. Broad coverage and effective operation: With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 290, the Medify Air Purifier MA-35 can clean 640 square feet every thirty minutes. With its three-speed selection options, you can tailor the air purification procedure to your specific requirements.
  4. Features that make it easy to use: The Medify Air Purifier MA-35 has a touchscreen operation panel that makes it simple to monitor and operate the device. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind, a child lock option, and a night mode for calmer sleep.
  5. Extended filter life: With a 2500-hour filter life, the Medify Air Purifier MA-35 guarantees long-lasting performance and affordability. It's simple to maintain ideal air quality with a simple filter change.

Why Choose Medify Air Purifier MA-35

Medify Air Purifier MA-35

  • Superior air purification performance
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Wide coverage and efficient operation
  • User-friendly features
  • Long filter life for cost-effectiveness


Choosing the right air purifier is crucial for maintaining clean and healthy indoor air. Cetrix's Medify Air Purifier MA-35, with its advanced features and sleek design, stands out as an excellent choice. With its ability to remove 99.9% of particles, wide coverage, and user-friendly features, it ensures a fresh and pollutant-free environment. 

Medify Air PurifieR
Don't miss out on the best air purifier sales - explore the Medify Air Purifier MA-35 and experience the difference it can make in your indoor air quality.