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The Advantages of Purchasing Disinfection Cabinets from Cetrix

by Alex Gurevich on January 21, 2021

When it comes to keeping your classroom or school clean, purchasing disinfection cabinets is one of the best decisions an administration team could make. These cabinets are perfect for ensuring a classroom’s electronic devices (such as laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets) are always safely cleaned and charged, perfect for students to use each and every day. But with so many sanitizing cabinets on the market, how can you know you’re making the right decision? Here are a few of the biggest factors that make the disinfecting cabinets from Cetrix valuable resources for your school.


Safe for Children


The top priority for educators should be the safety of students, and disinfection cabinets from Cetrix guarantee clean devices and safe conditions for all children. To start, our cabinets use UVC lights to effectively kill germs that may carry viruses and diseases. This technique for cleaning is much safer than using disinfecting wipes or potentially harmful detergents or cleaners.


Additionally, the UVC light inside is filtered through the glass front door, ensuring that the lights do no harm to anyone nearby. If the door to the cabinet is opened during the cleaning process, the light will automatically turn off and will resume cleaning once the door is safely closed again.


Customizable Cabinets


Most cabinets on the market are designed in a sort of “one size fits all” design that isn’t always useful for every school. At Cetrix, we aim to ensure every customer is completely satisfied. As we manufacture our own cabinets, we are more than able to complete customized designs that suit your exact specifications.


If you need a cabinet that’s larger or smaller than our current stock, or you need something to hold a specific number of devices, we can meet your exact needs every time. We can even add a sync data function that allows you to sync all devices inside the cabinet at once. For large orders, we’re able to do custom designs, ensuring you pay for exactly the product you need.


Affordable for All


Cetrix is not only dedicated to providing the most high-quality personal protective equipment on the market, but we also aim to keep costs down for each and every customer. Our sanitizing cabinets are offered at huge discounts compared to many of the similar products available on the market today. If you’re an administration ordering for a whole school or perhaps a whole district, Cetrix offers generous discounts to ensure you can get top-of-the-line cabinets at an affordable rate.


In addition to our sanitizing cabinets, we are proud to also offer PPE items such as face masks and shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, gowns, thermometers, and more. We extend bulk item discounts on these PPE offerings as well. On top of that, we offer competitor price matching to ensure we are always providing the most affordable products. Finally, customers are able to set up recurring orders so that they never run out of any of the most important PPE for keeping schools running smoothly. For more information about our disinfection charging cabinets and our other PPE offerings, contact us today!