The Best Facial Tissues for 2024

The Best Facial Tissues for 2024

by ads Converclick on June 21, 2024

When it comes to facial tissues, finding the perfect balance between softness, strength, and absorbency can be a challenge. At Cetrix Store, we pride ourselves on offering Kleenex, a brand that consistently surpasses expectations. 

In this comprehensive review, we delve into why Kleenex is the top choice, comparing it with other popular tissue brands. Our experts have rigorously tested multiple products to ensure you get the best for your needs.

Customer Reviews of Kleenex from Cetrix Store

Our customers have shared their experiences, highlighting the superior quality and performance of Kleenex tissues.

Julia R.: "I've tried many tissue brands, but Kleenex from Cetrix Store is by far the best. They’re soft, strong, and don’t irritate my skin. Perfect for my sensitive nose!"

David L.: "During allergy season, I go through a lot of tissues. Kleenex is the only brand that can keep up. They don’t tear easily and feel gentle on my nose even with frequent use."

Samantha T.: "Kleenex tissues are a staple in my household. From colds to makeup removal, they handle everything with ease. The quality is unmatched."

Why Kleenex are Better: Comparisons with Other Tissue Brands

1. Best Overall Facial Tissue: Kleenex Ultra Soft

  • Ply: 3-ply
  • Lotion: No
  • Reasons to Buy: Very soft feel, strong
  • Reasons to Avoid: Big box, not as strong as some others

The Kleenex Ultra Soft is renowned for its gentle touch and durability. In our tests, it absorbed ten times more liquid before breaking compared to the average tissue. This tissue is perfect for heavy sneezes and offers excellent comfort, ensuring your nose stays irritation-free.

2. Best Bang for the Buck: Kleenex Trusted Care

  • Ply: 2-ply
  • Lotion: No
  • Reasons to Buy: Low porosity, inexpensive
  • Reasons to Avoid: Average absorbency, clunky box

The Kleenex Trusted Care is a reliable, budget-friendly option. Despite its lower price, it holds its own in terms of fiber density and strength. While its absorbency is average, it is comfortable for repeated use and provides excellent value for money.

3. Best Cotton Option: Winner Soft Dry Wipe

  • Ply: 1-ply
  • Lotion: No
  • Reasons to Buy: Very strong, comfortable to use
  • Reasons to Avoid: Expensive, single-ply

Made from cotton fiber, the Winner Soft Dry Wipe excels in strength and versatility. Although it is single-ply, its exceptional durability makes it suitable for various uses, from runny noses to cleaning surfaces.

4. Excellent Lotion Option: Puffs Plus Lotion

  • Ply: 2-ply
  • Lotion: Yes
  • Reasons to Buy: Soothing, highly absorbent
  • Reasons to Avoid: Lotion-y feel, expensive

Puffs Plus Lotion tissues are perfect for those with sensitive skin. The added lotion provides extra comfort, preventing irritation even with frequent use. However, they are pricier and leave a slight residue on the hands.

5. Best Anti-viral Tissue: Kleenex Professional Cube

  • Ply: 3-ply
  • Lotion: No
  • Reasons to Buy: Anti-viral, high-density fibers
  • Reasons to Avoid: Only average absorbency, chemical additives

The Kleenex Professional Cube is designed for office and workspace use. Its anti-viral properties and strong fibers make it a reliable choice for keeping germs at bay. However, it’s best avoided for wiping away tears due to its chemical additives.


Kleenex from Cetrix Store stands out for its exceptional softness, strength, and absorbency, making it the best choice for any situation. Whether you’re dealing with a cold, allergies, or simply need a reliable tissue, Kleenex consistently outperforms other brands. Experience the difference with Kleenex today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Kleenex tissues different from other brands? 

Kleenex tissues are known for their exceptional softness, strength, and absorbency. They provide comfort and durability, making them superior to other brands.

Are Kleenex tissues suitable for sensitive skin? 

Yes, Kleenex tissues are gentle and soft, ideal for individuals with sensitive skin or noses. They are less likely to cause irritation compared to rougher tissues from other brands.

Can Kleenex tissues be used for purposes other than blowing your nose? 

Absolutely! Kleenex tissues are versatile and can be used for wiping spills, removing makeup, and other everyday uses. Their strength and absorbency make them suitable for various tasks.

How do Kleenex tissues perform during allergy season? 

During allergy season, Kleenex tissues are a reliable choice. Their softness and strength ensure that frequent use won't lead to skin irritation or tissue breakdown, providing consistent comfort.

Why should I choose Kleenex from Cetrix Store? 

Cetrix Store offers Kleenex tissues at competitive prices with the assurance of quality. Our customers trust us for reliable products and excellent customer service, making Cetrix Store the best place to purchase your Kleenex tissues.