The Fascinating History of Kleenex: From Makeup Remover to Everyday Essential

The Fascinating History of Kleenex: From Makeup Remover to Everyday Essential

by ads Converclick on July 09, 2024

Today, we bring you a deep dive into the history and fascinating facts about Kleenex that will leave you astonished. Everyone knows the brand Kleenex, a global leader recognized in over 150 countries, but did you know that Kleenex was created in 1924 as a product to remove makeup? Yes, it's true! In the 1920s, the paper tissue was initially marketed to women for removing makeup and cream residue from their faces.

The Birth of an Iconic Brand

Kimberly-Clark and its team of developers managed to create a much softer paper than what consumers were accustomed to, but initially, people were unsure of its purpose. Considering the growing use of cosmetics at the time, the first disposable facial tissues were born. The name "Kleenex" is derived from the word "cleansing," reflecting its original purpose.

The Innovative Process

The development of Kleenex involved creating a unique type of paper that was both soft and strong. This innovation was crucial because, at that time, the paper products available were either too rough for facial use or too fragile. Kimberly-Clark's research and development team spent countless hours perfecting the texture and strength of the tissues, ensuring they would be gentle enough for the delicate facial skin while being durable enough for practical use.

Early Marketing and Popularity

In 1925, the first advertisement for Kleenex tissues appeared in The Ladies Home Journal, promoting it as the secret of famous movie stars for maintaining beautiful, clean skin. Soon, advertisements started appearing in major women's magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, McCalls, and RedBook, reinforcing the idea of Kleenex® as a beauty secret. This marketing strategy helped Kleenex gain popularity quickly among women.

Celebrity Endorsements

The advertisements often featured glamorous Hollywood actresses of the time, which helped to position Kleenex as a luxurious and must-have beauty product. These endorsements played a significant role in boosting the brand’s credibility and desirability. Women wanted to emulate the flawless beauty of their favorite stars, and Kleenex® was marketed as a key part of that beauty regimen.

A Revolutionary Idea

Around this time, the chief researcher at Kimberly-Clark had the simple but brilliant idea of marketing Kleenex as a disposable handkerchief for blowing noses and other nasal needs, completely changing the product's concept. This shift was a game-changer, doubling sales by broadening the product's appeal to men and children as well. No longer exclusive to women, Kleenex became a household essential for everyone.

Expanding the Market

By repositioning Kleenex as a versatile tissue for all sorts of uses, Kimberly-Clark effectively expanded its market base. The campaign included images and messages that showed men and children using the tissues, thus normalizing the idea that these disposable handkerchiefs were not just for makeup removal but for everyday hygiene and convenience.

An Enduring Legacy

Since its creation in 1924, Kleenex has remained the number one brand in the world for facial tissues. Today, it is such an iconic brand that the word "Kleenex®" is often used to refer to any type of tissue paper. Isn't that incredible?

Evolution Over Time

Over the decades, Kleenex has continued to innovate and evolve. From introducing softer and more absorbent tissues to creating eco-friendly products, the brand has consistently met the changing needs and preferences of consumers. Each new product development has reinforced Kleenex's reputation for quality and reliability.

Kleenex®: A Beauty Ally Reborn

You might not have thought of your Kleenex® tissues as beauty allies before, but with Kleenex Ultra Soft being so gentle on your skin, they are making a comeback in the beauty world. These ultra-soft tissues are perfect for removing makeup and touching up your face without irritation. Why not give them a try?

Modern Beauty Trends

In today’s world, where beauty routines have become more elaborate and the demand for gentle, effective products is high, Kleenex Ultra Soft fits perfectly. Beauty influencers and makeup artists often recommend using these tissues for everything from blotting excess oil to gently removing eye makeup. Their softness ensures that the skin is treated with the utmost care.


The history of Kleenex is a testament to innovation and smart marketing. What began as a simple makeup remover has evolved into an indispensable part of daily life, beloved and trusted by millions around the world. 

From its origins as a beauty product to its current status as a versatile household essential, Kleenex® continues to innovate and meet the changing needs of consumers. Whether for beauty or practical uses, Kleenex® remains a reliable and essential product in our lives. Explore the many ways you can incorporate Kleenex® into your daily routine and discover the comfort and convenience they offer.