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The Risks of Not Properly Cleaning Devices in Schools

by Alex Gurevich on January 08, 2021

As schools begin to rev up for the spring semester, many parents are rightly concerned about their children’s health and wellbeing. In regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are looking up with the emergence and distribution of vaccines, but it’s still incredibly important to continue taking precautions for the health of our children and the faculty and staff of our schools. Steps like using proper PPE, maintaining social distancing, and cleaning classrooms and electronic devices are vital as we get the pandemic under control. But what could happen if we don’t take these steps?


Sickness in the Classroom


Perhaps the most obvious potential side effect of not properly cleaning and sanitizing schools is sickness within the classroom. Electronic devices like laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets are easy targets for germs and bacteria to hold on to, and with so many students handling these devices on any given day, it only follows that these surfaces can transfer disease. Even if a student comes to school with no symptoms and are completely unaware that they are sick (with COVID-19 or any other illness), they could leave the virus or bacteria on the device and, if not properly cleaned, that device will still hold the illness for others to potentially contract.


Potential Effects for the Entire School


Of course, this side effect is not contained to one classroom. It can easily spread throughout the entire school. If a student uses a device in their third class of the day, for instance, then meets with their friends during the lunch period, they can easily spread any germs they may have picked up from that improperly cleaned device. Even something as seemingly simple as brushing past another student, a teacher, or a staff member in the hallway can be enough to spread illness.


Spread Outside of School

Finally, just as illness may not be contained to one singular classroom, they can also easily spread outside of the school. If a student uses a device that hasn’t been properly cleaned and picks up an illness, they can easily transport it to their homes and infect their families. If someone in the household is already immunocompromised, this potential transfer of illness could be a matter of life and death. It may seem overstated, but it’s truly as simple as one instance of using an improperly cleaned device that could lead to multiple cases of illness.


What to Do


So, what can educators do to stop the spread of illnesses like COVID-19? Making sure that classroom devices are properly sanitized every day is a great first step. Our unique sanitizing cabinets are the ideal solution that’s both affordable and effective. These cabinets are great for all kinds of devices, including laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks. Cabinets can hold an entire classroom’s devices at once and uses safe UVC technology to kill germs without harsh chemicals. Best of all, our disinfection cabinets double as charging stations to ensure that your students have freshly charged devices every single day. For more information or to start your order, contact Cetrix today!