Disposable Level-3 Mask, 3-Ply (Case/40 boxes of 50 masks)

Disposable Level-3 Mask, 3-Ply (Case/40 boxes of 50 masks) - Cetrix Technologies LLC
Disposable Level-3 Mask, 3-Ply (Case/40 boxes of 50 masks) - Cetrix Technologies LLC
Disposable Level-3 Mask, 3-Ply (Case/40 boxes of 50 masks) - Cetrix Technologies LLC
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Advanced Safety with Comfort in Mind

The Disposable Level-3 Mask, 3-Ply, offers an optimal blend of protection and comfort for users in various environments. Approved by the FDA and CE, and meeting ASTM Level 3 standards, this mask is designed to provide superior safety against a wide array of airborne particles, liquid droplets, smoke, and aerosols.

Key Features for Enhanced Protection:

  • FDA and CE Approval: Ensures the mask meets rigorous health, safety, and environmental protection standards.
  • ASTM Level 3 Certification: Indicates the highest level of protection against fluids and particles, suitable for critical environments.
  • Effective Contamination Prevention: Designed to capture liquid droplets expelled by the user, reducing the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria.
  • Broad-Spectrum Protection: Offers defense against smoke, aerosols, and other harmful airborne particles, ensuring safety in diverse settings.
  • Comfort-Focused Design: Crafted for wearability, allowing for extended use without discomfort.

Product Specifications for Reliable Use:

  • Integrated Nose Clip: Provides a secure fit, ensuring the mask stays in place while optimizing comfort and protection.
  • Exhalation Valve: Absent to maintain filtration efficacy and prevent the exit of contaminated air.
  • Universal Mask Size: Designed to fit most face shapes and sizes, ensuring wide usability.

Packaging Information for Bulk Purchases:

  • Per Box Quantity: Each box contains 50 masks, ensuring adequate supply for regular use.
  • Case Configuration: A case includes 40 boxes, totaling 2000 masks, ideal for bulk purchasing by institutions, businesses, and healthcare facilities.

Special Offers for Bulk Orders:

For those interested in purchasing in bulk, special discounts are available. Please contact sales@cetrixstore.com for more information and to discuss your needs.

The Disposable Level-3 Mask, 3-Ply, stands out for its high-level protection, making it suitable for medical professionals, frontline workers, and anyone requiring an extra layer of safety against airborne contaminants. With its certification and carefully considered design, this mask is a reliable choice for ensuring health and safety in various settings, from hospitals and clinics to everyday environments.