UV-C Air Purifier

PureMax Air Purifier portable UV light air purifier is a portable unit that uses medical-grade UVC light and HEPA filters to remove the virus and related airborne pathogens which protect your family is safe.


  • 1

    PureMax UVC air purifier can DISINFECT and INACTIVATE the widest range of pollutants, such as viruses and chemicals.

  • 2

    PureMax’s UVC has a 99.9% sanitizer rate against a variety of bacterial viruses.

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    PureMax’s HEPA filter is fine enough to collect all types of air pollutants, from molds to bacteria and viruses.

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    One PureMax 550 is capable of purifying and disinfecting the air in a 1200-1300 square feet room up to two times in an hour.

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    PureMax is a low maintenance device and only needs to have the internal filters cleaned once in a while.

  • 6

    Knob operation, set switch/wind speed/auto/child lock

  • 7

    Contains 7-level purification with primary effect/HEP/activated carbon/3-layer filter.

  • 8

    Effectively inactivate multiple pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the air

  • 9

    3D circulation three-dimensional air supply, 360-degree air circulation

  • 10

    Efficiently remove formaldehyde.

  • 11

    PM2.5 digital display, dust sensor to monitor air quality, sleep mode can be set.

  • 12

    It adopts DC brushless motor, five-speed wind speed, low noise and high efficiency.

PureMax Technical Specifications:

  • Air bacterial sanitization rate: 99.9%Staphylococcusalbus@20 cu meter
  • Air virus sanitizer rate: >99.9%􀊢H1N1􀊣@1060 cu ft
  • UVC leakage: 1 μw/cm2/sec@machine body 2
  • Ozone release: 0.009mg/m3@2 hour
  • UVC Light Type: High-efficiency hot cathode quartz UV-C light source
  • UVC light wavelength: 253.7nm
  • UVC Light power: 6 x 10mW
  • Motor type: 24V Brushless three phase silent motor (sport PWM Speed regulation)
  • Impeller type: Vortex negative pressure impeller
  • Input power: Support wide voltage input AC 100-240V 50~60Hz
  • Shell Material: V0 flame retardant ABS plastic particles
  • Socket power type: 2 plugs (European/American Standard)

PureMax by CETRIX

PureMax by CETRIX uses advanced UVC technology in addition to industry-standard HEPA filter to purify the air in any closed environment, such as the rooms in your home, office, school, etc.

HEPA Filter

Full room filtration starts with a HEPA rated H1O filter that removes larger particles so that the next stage can be most effective.

UV-C Light

A powerful 254nm UVC ultra high efficiency short wave quartz light tube intensified with mirror grade reflection technology.

Mirror-grade optical coating reflection Technology

Its total light reflectivity reached 93%, the utilization efficiency of UVC was greatly improved, compared with the traditional use of stainless steel as a reflector of medical air disinfection machine, the same power UVC light tube sterilization efficiency increased by more than 30%.

Promote indoor air circulation

The PureMax air disinfection machine has an air throughput of 400m3 per hour, and can disinfect the air in a 30 square meter room twice per hour.

Promote indoor air circulation

The PureMax air disinfection machine has an air throughput of 400m3 per hour, and can disinfect the air in a 30 square meter room twice per hour.

HEPA and UV-C light technology

HEPA and UV-C light technology has been a trusted technology for air purification from hospitals to airports for decades. Recent UVC break-through in manufacturing have made it possible for high quality UVC bulbs to enter the consumer market. PureMax’s 2-Stage air purification rethinks the fundamentals by focusing on maximum UVC exposure time rather than just collecting pollution and maximizing air volume

PureMax UV-C Air Purifiers & Models

PureMax UV-C Air Purifiers are available with two (2) models to choose from, depending on what you need. PureMax 400 is designed for areas 300-500 sq. ft. wide while PureMax 550 is for 1200-1300 sq. ft. wide area.

PureMax’s UV-C Air Purifier uses HEPA and UVC light technology, a technology that have been a trusted to use for air purification from hospitals to airports for decades.


UVC Air Sanitizer

Air Purifier





Net size



Net weight



Suggested use of space


200 m3

Particulate CADR

130m3/h (CFM􀉿 76)

500m3/h (CFM􀉿 294)

Air detection


Particulate matter sensor






UV-C LED 10 mw x 6

Input power

AC100-240V 50~60Hz

AC100V / AC240V 50~60Hz







Control mode

Physical button

Touch control

Human-computer interaction (display

Digital display of particle concentration

remote control



Structure layout



Ventilation structure

Bottom air intake

Large inlet air design on both sides