Disinfection Charging Cabinet CT-60BU

Disinfection Charging Cabinet CT-60BU

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Cetrix Technologies LLC

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Multi-Purpose UVC Disinfection Cabinets 
Model: CT-60BU - 5 Level / 60 Bays

  • 5 minutes UVC Disinfection with digital timer
  • UV Disinfection System inside the cabinet removes germs and bacteria from the outer surface of objects placed inside the cabinet.
  • UVC lights efficiently kill any bacteria or virus that lives on the outer surfaces of objects
  • USB ports with regulated and protected power circuit and an LED charging indicator for charging mobile, tablets, etc.
  • Other charging options is also available.
  • The cabinet is designed to be safe and durable, with transparent door for monitoring, and four sturdy wheels with front brakes for easy moving and parking.
  • Cabinet Dimension:
    • Inches: 25.5 (L) * 14.5 (W) * 57 (H)
    • Centimeter: 65 (L) * 37 (W) * 145 (H)

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